Combined bundle price £480.00 instead of £550.00 - do both together in just one intense training day! 

Deluxe Facial RRP £200.00
Dermaplaning RRP £350.00

This course includes a Dermaplaning kit.

Deluxe Facial Course Content:

  • Anatomy and physiology 
  • Bones of the face and neck 
  • Muscles of the face and neck 
  • The skin structure 
  • Systems of the body 
  • Further knowledge and practice 
  • Brands available on the market 
  • Contra indications/ actions 
  • Cleansing techniques 
  • Massage techniques and benefits 
  • Setting and non-setting masks
  • Skin warming techniques 
  • Exfoliation techniques 
  • Aftercare advice  

Dermaplaning Course Content

Dermaplaning is a method of exfoliation that consists of using a scalpel to remove the upper layers of the skin to reveal a smoother and brighter complexion. The scalpel finely exfoliates dead skin cells whilst also removing the fine superficial vellus hair from the face, commonly known as “peach fuzz”. The treatment will produce a brighter and more youthful glow to the client’s skin, as well as allowing skincare products to be absorbed more easily. Clients also find that their makeup sits more smoothly on their skin following the removal of “peach fuzz”.

Dermaplaning is a fantastic treatment addition to any salon, aesthetic or skin clinic as the treatment leaves the skin with a youthful glow that clients can see instantly. With repeated procedures, clients can hope to see improvements in skin texture and skin tone with results being noticeable from day one. As this is a non invasive treatment, this treatment can be performed on almost all skin types except those with acne. As the popularity has risen for aesthetic treatments, so has the interest in skin rejuvenation treatments.

Course pre requirements 

No requirements are necessary for this course bundle, if you were to do Dermaplaning alone you would be required to hold a facial qualification of level 2 beauty. Insurers require you to have both qualifications that are covered on this course. You cannot perform Dermaplaning treatments without the facial element. 

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