About Total

What is Total Academy?

Based in a prime location in the North East of England, Total Hair and Beauty Training Academy is a Beauty Guild accredited course provider offering accredited short course programmes in hair, beauty and complementary therapies. Our centre is also a VTCT approved NVQ centre
Total was founded in 2014 and we have since educated and further educated thousands of people from all over the world. 
Here at Total we strive to ensure our students are educated to the highest standard and we support our students during and after their course so should they ever run into any doubts, they can contact us and we'll be sure to assist them!

What does Total Academy have to offer?

At Total, we offer the finest hair, beauty and complementary therapy training courses. These courses are indiscriminate and we are willing to educate those who wish to embark on a new career, wish to extend their knowledge and training and for people who are just starting out in the beauty industry. As long as you are passionate about your education, then we are here to help. 

What makes Total Academy different to other training providers?

At Total Academy we consistently strive to deliver industry-standard education throughout all of our courses. We hold an exceptionally unique approach to teaching and learning which means we are able to deliver an outstanding educational experience to all our students.
Here at Total, we believe in hands-on, practical, fun learning. 

Is the idea of learning about anatomy, 
bones and muscles boring to you? 
Join in our life-size 'operation' class where we demonstrate to you the layers of the skin and parts of the body in a fun, educational way.
(Not on a real body of course!) 

We guarantee when you leave our establishment you will not only be industry ready, but you will have had fun, made friends and have gained a confident understanding of the field you wish to pursue.  

Total academy strives to deliver industry- ready education within all our hair and beauty training courses with an exceptionally different approach to teaching and learning we are able to deliver an outstanding educational experience to all our learners.

Where are past students from?

Our previous learners come from all around the globe, we have students who have come to us from Manchester to as far as Cyprus, we really are the best!

Contact us today and find out how we can help you, or speak to one of our team live on our Facebook page.

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